Sunday, 31 October 2010

Freeride World Tour 2011

Stop # 2. FREERIDE ENGADIN ST. MORITZ (SUI): 30 Jan- 4 Feb
Stop # 3. RUSSIAN ADVENTURE SOCHI (RUS): 4 Mar - 9 Mar
Stop # 4. BIG MOUNTAIN FIEBERBRUNN (AUT): 12 Mar -17 Mar
Stop # 5. NISSAN XTREME VERBIER (SUI): 19 Mar - 27 Mar

I'm looking forward to good times up in the mountains with riders from all over the world!! I`m super happy to be part of the Tour and BIG thanks to my sponsors, who make all this possible!!
Pray for good conditions!! Winter is on...

Watch out the FWT Teaser 2011!!

The first 2 snowboard runs in the Teaser shows parts of my runs from last years FWT, first in Chamonix and second in Verbier(min 0:48) Have fun watching!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Salewa Soultrip, Lanin/ Argentina #4

Top of Volcano Lanin - one of my most beautiful peaks ever!!

Björn close to the summit

Have a look on the shape of the snow on this picture and you will understand. Everything lookes like that the last 100m... and sounds like "klirrrrrr" when you touch it. Totally different to what we have in the Alps.

Relaxed from the HOT springs, 40+°C we went back to the Argentinean-Chilean boarder. The goal was a two day hike up to Volcano Lanin. From the Volcano we did some days before in Chile we could already see this beautiful mountain, which is way higher than all other peaks around. Weatherforecast looked good this time even if it is always difficult to say in Patagonia... weather changes fast and if wind is coming up, it`s more like storm! ...and so it was on the way up to the refuge. Nevertheless we made it up there with all our stuff - and a bottle Vino tinto ;) - and the next day was just perfect.

Day 1, fighting the storm when we hiked up to the refuge

cooking and melting snow to get water for the next day - takes little longer at this altitude

Day 2, get my splited FLOW Board ready, start hiking from the refuge

just above the clouds - awesome panorama view!!

long ride down...

...with insane views

...and different snow conditions

magic sunrise at our basecamp the next day

"Bondi" on the road again