Tuesday, 23 February 2010

FWQ Fieberbrunn VIDEO

Event Highlights Big Mountain Fieberbrunn, finishing 1st place!!!

Tomorrow I`m flying to sunny California, Squaw Valley for the third stop of the Freeride World Tour...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

FWT Chamonix @ ZDF

FWT Chamonix in the main ZDF SportsNEWS, one of the biggest german TV channels. Follow this link...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

FWT Chamonix VIDEO

BIG Line, BIG Crash... Watch out the super steep entry of my run, some deep powder turns and unfortunately a big fall instead of a nice double drop to exit the "X-Box", as we called this rocky feature in the contest face. Even with BIB 28, last snowboarder, I could find a line nobody did before ;)

Big Mountain riding is dangerous, the level of riding in the FWT is very high and of course we push each other to improve our riding. BUT I felt confident about my line and was unlucky because of the bad snow conditions after my landing and made a 12m "backflip", trying not to hit the rocks... That`s why I do lot of workout and stuff all over the year, to not get injured in case of such a tumble. And finally, two days later, I made it on the podium!

Take care and have fun on the mountain!!

seconds before my tumble

Monday, 15 February 2010

FWT Russian Adventure held in Chamonix VIDEO

Watch my run finishing 2nd place in the Freeride World Tour 10 days ago in Chamonix.

Smooth line, fast riding ;) Three days after my crash in the first event. I`m super happy about this winter till now, looking foreward to some more big powder days!!!!!

Get your FLOW!!!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

1st place @ FWQ Fieberbrunn

Yeahhhhhhhh!! Totally stoked about winning a FWQ event!

Big Mountain, Fieberbrunn/ AUT, 1st place @ FWQ

Emilien Badoux(SUI/2.) Max Zipser(AUT/1.) Daniel Furberg(SWE/3.)

Good snow conditions, blue sky and a winning line ;) - what a perfect day!!

I went for a spectacular line on the lookers right part of the Wildseeloder north face. First I had to tarvers above a no fall zone to my first drop into a steep landing, followed by riding a spine that ended with a double drop. At the lower part I jumped some smaller stuff and finished with a straight line...

I`m stoked that I could ride my line like planed, sticked all my drops really clean and had a fast run. To win this competition, specially in Austria next to my home, is just awesome and we all enjoyed the party till late night...

So far, after 4 ouf of 6 Freeride contests, which I want to take part this winter, I'm super satisfied and I have still the chance, to battle for the Freeride World Champion title 2010!!

Looking foreward having a good time riding some peaks in Austria the next two weeks, before I go to Squaw/ USA.

Wildseeloder - contest face

past contest results:


1. FWQ Fieberbrunn/ AUT
3. FWQ EngadinSnow, St. Moritz/ SUI
2. FWT Chamonix/FRA (instead of Sochi/ RUS)
14. FWT Chamonix/ FRA (big crash at the end of a good run)


2. FWT Tignes/ FRA
4. FWT Verbier/ SUI
2. FWQ Monterosa / ITA
4. FWQ Fieberbrunn/ AUT
8. FWT Sochi/ RUS

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Podium @ FWQ Engadinsnow

Within one week two podiums in a Freeride World Tour event!!

EngadinSnow, St. Mortitz/ SUI, 3rd place @ FWQ

Congrats to Josè Caron(1.) and Raphael Bullet(2.)

Changing snow conditions and lot of rocks on the steep Corvatsch north face made it difficult to ride. No matter for us Freeriders, as we all tried to show an interesting run. I went for the lookers right part of the face, which is steep and has lot of lines. About half way down it was more rocks than expected, so I had to change a little bit, but managed well. Then, with fast turns and lot of sluff, I went for the last feature in my line but at the very end I had a stupid fall because of firm snow I guess... Whatever, it was a nice trip to switzerland, perfect organisation and a big party!!


line check

start with a great view to the swiss mountains...

sluff management ;)

middle part of my run

concentration on my last feature...

here we go

Thänx to Walter Forstenpointner for action shoots!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Stimorol Engadinsnow 2010

Back from Munich - ISPO, get my stuff together and leave to St. Moritz tomorrow for the FWQ. The contest takes place at the Corvatsch north face, about 600m vertical drop and lot of lines. Conditions should be good, so I'm looking forward to a siiiiick powder run...!!

That's my run from 2009 - I fucked up in the middle of my run, didn't go for my last cliff and got 7th:

Friday, 5 February 2010

FWT Russia - Chamonix # 2

... 2nd place @ second stop of the Freeride World Tour!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh !!

Max Zipser(2.), Xavier de Le Rue(1.), Gennady Khryachkov(3.)

After my big crash in the first event, I was searching for a smooth line to ride fast and fluid, clean and of course with lot of style ;) Finally it worked out like planed!
I'm really happy that I could make it on the podium again and I know, my run was pretty close to Xavie de Le Rue's. The conditions were very good and the venue allowed very different lines to ride, so the spectators could watch many impressive runs, from snowboarders and skiers.


and powder turns

More NEWS and INFO about the Contest here:

Now I'm looking foreward to Squaw valley/ USA, the third Freeride World Tour stop. As only three out of four results count for the Overall Freerideworld Champion Title 2010, it's still everything possible...

Fotos from the first competition with my big fall, about 12m...

riding my line like planed, but...

ohhh noooooooo...

Monday, 1 February 2010

FWT Chamonix

Blue sky and 50cm of fresh snow... Yesterday we finally had the first Freerideworldtour event in 2010 in Chamonix. Beside good powder in the face, there were some tricky parts with ice and rocks. I choose a different line as the other snowboarders, who all started from starting gate Nr.2. My run was pretty good and fast in the upper part of the face. For the lower part I decided to go for an interesting, but also exposed double. Unfortunatly I didn't get enough grip on my edge after the first smaller drop because of hard snow, more like ice, and had a big fall. Luckily I didn't hurt myself, but ended up 14th. Try to make it better next time ;)

Today we have a photoshoot for "Men's Health" magazine and on wednesday we all go to Courmayeur, Italy for the next competition instead of Russia. Not too bad, specially because we expect good conditions there!!

“Pentes de l’Hôtel” face at the Brévent ski area

(blue) where I wanted to go, (red) upper part

finish gate below the face