Thursday, 21 February 2013


Fresh snow in the dolomites was a good reason for Alex Hoffmann and me to leave the austrian mountains behind for a few days. The goal was to ride as many "canali stretti" as possible, obviously it has to be challenging and with good snow.
Considering snow quality and stability we had to decide with which couloir we start. In Italy they have different law and the consequence of releasing an avalanche can be quite serious. Anyway we wanna stay safe, but it`s always important to have all facts and options of what can happen on the mountains in your mind.

looking for the entrance of our couloir

ready to go
Alex in the famous Canale Holzer

impressive views - narrow, steep, rocks everywhere...

some steps to drop in the couloirs
Within 3 days we could manage to ride the following couloirs: Canale Vallencant, Canale Holzer, Canale Larsei, Canale Larsei est, Canale Sass de Forcia, Vallone d`Antermoia, Canale di Creste Bianche and some more smaller "freeride lines" we hiked...

Piz Boè
Christina joined us from the second day...

...and goes for the next one

hmmm...should we trust

an option?


epic panoramic freeriding

hike to Canale Vallencant

attention needed

weather already coming in

crampons are not a bad choice in such terrain

a little alternative of "classic" Vallencant

very narrow exit

steep and deep

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Time for the whiteroom

And here it is, FULL MOVIE "Time for the whiteroom" online

Hope you like it!

Time for the Whiteroom from Simon Platzer Films on Vimeo.

Thank you Burger, Joi and Simon for all your effort - was so much fun last winter! Happy to enjoy epic days again with my friends - be prepared for the project we are doing this season.