Wednesday, 22 May 2013

aim higher

Step by step I feel really good and strong after my injury and I`m already able to do pretty much everything again. I tried to take it easy the very first time in the snow in order to get my safe feeling back. Finally also the weather was supposed to be good (unfortunately not too often this spring since a while), we went for a two-days hiking mission. Part of the "whiteroom crew" - Joi, Michi, Jochen, Jakob and me was packed with heavy backpacks, ready for some hours hiking to reach snow-level.

We camped up there, cooked some tasty spaghetti and woke up the next morning 03:00 am. After the sun came out it was just great to be surrounded by this wonderful mountains without seeing somebody else. We made it to the summit already knowing the conditions for the descent gonna be perfect.


"3-2-1..." familar noise out of the radios ;) We all took different lines, captured by Jakob and his camera. Another great descent followed till we had to walk down through the valley. A big smile in our face made it better, still a long walk.
more options waiting
A few days later Alex, Raphi and me did another little hike on a nice ridge above Innsbruck and skied down with our FIGL - so much fun!! BBQ in the evening with friends - can`t imagine better!

Alex - first track

truck driver style

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

winter part #2

6 weeks since I broke my ulna, radius and pubic bone @ FWT Fieberbrunn

surgery - check, rest - check, healing - check, physio and training - check, exame - check.

finally back on the mountains - HAPPY !!