Monday, 26 November 2012


N.A.S.T.Y - NewActiveStrapTechnologie" by FLOW SNOWBOARDS
Must have right now!!

Recommanded set-up for this winter: MAVERICK + NX2RS + TALON

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

World Premiere "Time for the whiteroom"

Don`t miss the Premiere of our film project "Time for the whiteroom" !!

18th october 20:00 - Metropol cinema, Innsbruck

This weekend, october 6th @ 14:00 (AFTERNOON) !! IF3 @ Stadtsäle Innsbruck; 10min version


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

IF3 Innsbruck, october 6th

After Montreal and Annecy there will be an IF3 -EVENT in Innsbruck on saturday, october 6th. Don`t miss the PRE-PREMIERE(short version, 16min.) of our film project "TIME FOR THE WHITEROOM" See you there!!

Ticktes and more info:

Thursday, 5 July 2012

"Time for the whiteroom"

Proud to show you the official TRAILER of our film project "Time for the whiteroom" coming fall 2012...

Time for the Whiteroom presented by SPfilms
Producer: Johannes Hoffmann & Daniel Regensburger
Director: Simon Platzer
Rider: Max Zipser, Roman Rohrmoser, Johannes Hoffmann, Flo Orley, Daniel Regensburger, Björn Heregger, Fabian Lentsch, Michael Trojer, David Pitschmann
More Info and Tour Dates on: "Time for the whiteroom"

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

JAMM couloir

VIDEO about our "JAMM" couloir descent... Packed with snow, we were finally able to ride it! Never did anything narrow like this!

To read more about how we figured out this line - check

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tailgate Alaska VIDEO

Check out the VIDEO about "FLOW Freeride Festival 2012" @ Thompson Pass, Alaska. Follow the LINK

FLOW-Team riding PowPow in AK...

min 03:46 - Quali run #2

Thursday, 3 May 2012

steep and narrow

Coming back from Alaska, conditions turned to be really good again here in Austria. As most of the ski resorts closed already, decision was easy: let`s go and hike some nice stuff!! Together with Alex Hoffmann I could realize some very interesting couloirs - steep and one was super narrow. Felt little bit like a canyoning excursion... but no rappelling! Little turns, some mandatory drops, good snow!!

Here some impressions... AK action shoots soon on my blog!

"4er Loch" couloir
going fast...
"jAMm" couloir
YES, we did it!!!

 FIGL SESSION - so much fun!!!!!!!

always trying something NEW...

Friday, 20 April 2012


Thompson Pass, AK

Back from our Alaska Trip 2012

Some impressions to make you hot for more!

Such good times @ Tailgate Alaska - FLOW World Freeride Festival

shortly before touching down in Anchorage

Straightline to Thompson Pass Welcome to the US
There is no better way to fly
"Copy that - droping in 3-2-1..."
Hiking "Berlin Wall" FLOW Team @ Tailgate (Micah, Brooke, me, Scotty) Quali run#2 "Bro Bowl" "Phyton shoulder" finalists: Top 8 men, Top 2 women Tailgate "village"

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

FWT #6 Verbier Xtreme/ SUI

YESSSSSSSSSS!! Finally I also made it to the podium at the FWT Final Verbier Xtreme!! So stoked!! Congrats to Douds Charlet - World Champion 2012

Verbier Xtreme 2012 "Best of"

Conditions on Bec des Rosses this year were tricky, not so much snow but even more rocks just covered with a bit of snow. I decided to go for a fluid line with taking some drops all the way down - it worked out pretty well and after two times taking 4rd place(2009, 2011) I got a 3rd place at the most important Freeride Contest we have! It`s hard to tell what that means to me, specially because I had already to deal with several injuries and now still being able to compete with the world best freeriders is just great! A big dream coming true!!

In the Overall ranking I finished now in 4th position.

Next week I`m going to Alaska with my friends Dani "Burger" Regensburger, Zlu "Zlotti" Haller and Otto "Oz" Lantschner. Haha. Good times about to come, for sure!! Oh yeaHHHH

Beside Heli time we wanna hike some serious stuff and I will compete in FLOW Tailgate Alaska! It`s gonna be sick!!

my run on the Bec des Rosses:

BIB draw - Verbier Village

FLOW Maverick - Xtreme approved

Mitch and me on top of Bec the Rosses


droping in

drinking beer at the event village with Douds and Aurelien

results SB men Verbier Xtreme
results FWT 2012 OVERALL

Thursday, 22 March 2012

FWT #6 Verbier Xtreme/ SUI

I`m ready for the BIG FINAL of the FWT 2012 - Verbier Xtreme!! Are you?? Don`t miss the live stream, Saturday March 24, 09:30am

Live streaming Freeride World Tour 2012 von FreerideWorldTourTV

Monday, 19 March 2012

report @

Good times in Fieberbrunn! Check out my "behind the scenes report" about FWT Fieberbrunn!! To be continued... Verbier Xtreme this weekened!!

Thanks to ALPINA eyewear for supporting me!!

Monday, 12 March 2012

FWT #5 Fieberbrunn/ AUT

FWT Fieberbrunn - what a great event!! The Freeride World Tour is growing each year, but the contest in Austria is outstanding! The local organizers put all their efforts to make the best they can - so it is!

The contest venue is great, steep in the upper section and more playfull further down. Spectators just have to take the gondola to the very top and from the event village you have a perfect view on the "Wildseeloder" north face. About 3000 people came over there, even more for the prizegiving later at the valley station of the gondola.

Luckily it snowed the day before face check, so we got excellent conditions. Pretty much everybody could show a good run, I`m also quite happy about my line. I went for the lookers right side with a solid drop in the steep section and some more airtime in the rest of my run. All clean and fast, but ended up 7th place. I also judged competitions and know, it`s not an easy job sometimes. After a good beginning this season and not so good results in the last two events I`m in 6th place Overall, meaning qualified for Verbier Xtreme and already for next years FWT!! The big goal now is to make it to the podium in Verbier!!

Today we were filming for our project "Time for the whiteroom" and got some nice runs! There is still a lot to do, if enough motivation for hiking - and YES, we are motivated!!

Some more impressions the weekend...

BIB draw

face check

Air race show

Wildseeloder in the background
hiking up

Podium SB men - Congrats Flo(2.), Douds(1.) and Aurelien(3.)

our film project!!!