Saturday, 28 January 2012

FWT Chamonix(FRA) and FWT Courmayeur(ITA)

YESSSS!! Got a 2nd place in FWT Courmayeur/ITA!! Good snow, blue bird and a great run - what a perfect day! Right now 3rd place in OVERALL ranking...

me (2.), Ralph Backstrom(1./USA) and Douds Charlet (3./FRA)

face check

happy about my line choice
heli time...

my line from the top
my new toy ;)
beautiful panoramic view
FWT 2012 OVERALL ranking after 3 out of 6 events

FWT Chamonix

First day we arrived in Chamonix all lift stations were closed because of too much snow the day before... PERFECT ;)

The next day Mitch Tölderer, Xavier De Le Rue, Mathieu Crepel and me did some sick runs at "Le Brevent" before line check in the afternoon for next days competition. Well, contest was not perfect - super flat light, meaning bad visibility and I could not ride my line as planed. Upper part was good, some solide riding and clean drops but for the last feature in my run I had a bad feeling and decided not to do this double drop... ended up 6th place. No worries, I knew I can do better...

Same day in the evening we all moved to the other "sunny" side of Mont Blanc for the Courmayeur Event.

welcome to Chamonix...

event village wow!!! my line in Chamonix

Thursday, 19 January 2012

FWT Revelstoke #1 VIDEO

FWT Revelstoke - Snowboard Day Highlights

FWT Revelstoke - "Behind the scenes" report @

Monday, 16 January 2012

FWT Revelstoke #1

The 1st FWT event this season was held in Revelstoke, Canada. When we arrived it was snowing and we went straight up on the mountain the next morning. Riding was good even if slopes and backcountry get tracked fast. We had some days riding before contest and took the chance to check out all the tree runs you can reach.

Chris Schnabel, Flo Orley, Ursl Wohlschlager and myself

Contest face called "Mack face" is just next to the resort. We got a heli flight up there which gave us the chance to see more mountains i.e. lines around Revelstoke. Lots of terrain here!!

fasten your seatbelts

I was stoked about my line... first drop, some turns, next drop, don`t miss the entry to the very steep and narrow part of my line, one last drop and pointing the finish gate! yeaHH!! Level of competitors was high, Ralph Backstrom(USA) took the win. Congrats dude! I ended up 5th place.

me going fast finish area Sure I noticed that it`s snowing like hell back home in Austria and 2 days later I discovered already new lines in the tyrolean mountains, which were not possible to ride the last years because of snow conditions. Riding is on!!

Next FWT event Chamonix, 21.-25.01

Some more impressions of our trip... Was a great time! Banff

Calgary - Banff - Lake Louise - Golden - Revelstoke

riders meeting

local bar

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

BurgerTV #5 - training!

LIKE IT, SHARE IT, LOVE IT!! ...funny stuff and good lines! Enjoy!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

FWT "behind the scenes"

FWT starts within 2 days in Canada, Revelstoke. I gonna do some "behind the scenes" reports which will be posted @ !! Click on the logo and get to the interview.

Reports from all FWT events - Revelstoke(CAN), Chamonix(FRA), Courmayeur(ITA), Roldal(NOR), Fieberbrunn(AUT) and Verbier(SUI) right after each event... Check it out!