Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Waiting for contest day

Finally I got all my boards and the other stuff I missed and we went riding the last days. Snow conditions are not very good, but it`s still not too bad to ride. Wet snow, almost like surfing... No matter, Russia is an adventure by itself and we have lot of fun here!! Contest is probably on saturday, the next days it`s suppost to snow and the the weather should clear up.

wet snow makes it dangerous
taking 4 chairlifts to go up
Today we had BIB draw and some autograph sessions at the ski resort and I’m really lucky with my bib. I expect not too much tracks and some riders to watch before my start.

Nastrowje and doswitanje (trying to learn some russian words beside this)

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  1. gut ausgebaut die seite...
    schaut doch schon ganz stattlich aus! =)
    (...von stevie b - nit dcr)