Wednesday, 17 February 2010

FWT Chamonix VIDEO

BIG Line, BIG Crash... Watch out the super steep entry of my run, some deep powder turns and unfortunately a big fall instead of a nice double drop to exit the "X-Box", as we called this rocky feature in the contest face. Even with BIB 28, last snowboarder, I could find a line nobody did before ;)

Big Mountain riding is dangerous, the level of riding in the FWT is very high and of course we push each other to improve our riding. BUT I felt confident about my line and was unlucky because of the bad snow conditions after my landing and made a 12m "backflip", trying not to hit the rocks... That`s why I do lot of workout and stuff all over the year, to not get injured in case of such a tumble. And finally, two days later, I made it on the podium!

Take care and have fun on the mountain!!

seconds before my tumble

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