Wednesday, 3 March 2010

FWT Squaw Valley, USA

Go big or go home! Competition didn`t went good this time, finishing 9th place. I tried to go for a nice line and went for some steep stuff with a narrow exit, but unfortunatly I could not make it fluid. Not really happy about that, but can`t change it anyway... it is difficult to ride totally clean all the time! Congrats to the others, good show at Silverado face - Squaw Valley ski resort.
This face was choosen after we tried to have the third stop of the Freeride World Tour on the mystical Tram Face right below the gondola, but conditions did not allow to have a save contest there.

right part of Tram Face

Finally it was a good week here in California, had some fresh powder the first days and sun all day long the last two days up on the mountains!! Totally siiiiiick!!

Some impressions of the trip...

Mitch and me hiking up

Californian tree runs...

look what I got in the US!!

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