Friday, 16 April 2010

AK 2010

Sorry for no posts the last view weeks! What happened...

Since a long time I wanted to ride some of the famous Alaskan Powder lines. Finally I made it to Valdez together with the Flow Crew and we spend 2 weeks up there. It was some good days riding, but unfortunatly I got injured - compression fracture of my 10/12. vertebral body. No need to say how I felt... Not good at all. Right now I feel better all day and I will continue doing everything to recover soon and as good as possible!! At least I had some runs in AK and could check out how everything works up there to be prepared for 2011. I`ll be back :) !!

The "books"

Of course winter is over for me, means no more steeps which I wanted to ride. Summer is coming fast, but I'm already looking foreward to ride again - the next snowboard trip, mid of september, is already planed! I'll tell you more about that soon...

Thompson pass

Base Camp - fresh salmon BBQ and Alaskan Beer

King of the Hill contest area - Congrats to Travis Rice 1st and Scotty Lago 3rd

Valdez harbour

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