Monday, 24 January 2011

FWT Chamonix and a nice Steep

Congrats to Xav, Aurelien and Douds!

Contest is over, got 8th place. I could not ride my line as fast as I use to ride, but anyway I`m happy about the competition. Due to my injury I had in April last year(compression fracture 10/12 vertebral body) I still have to be very careful. That`s why I had to choose a line without big drops, but still a nice line including 3 smaller cliffs. Of course it`s difficult to compete against the world best freeriders and not feeling a 100% fit. No matter, I`m super happy to have the chance to take part in the FWT events and I feel better every day, but it`s a lot of work to stay in shape with this handicap... Was lot of fun in Chamonix!
The heli flight up to the contest face next to Courmayeurs ski resort was just awesome!! Mont Blanc to the right, contest face to the left... The pilot droped us next to the start gate and disappeared behind the mountain to pick up the next riders.

2 days after competition - first we had to party in Chamonix, followed by a resting day - Stefan Häusl and me hiked one of the STEEP COULOIRS in the Argentiere basin, called "Les Courtes" 3856m, 48°
It was a very cold day (-20°C) and conditons were not easy at all (hard/compact snow), but I`m stoked that I could realize to climb and ride one more of the thousands couloirs which are next to Chamonix!! Yeahhhh!!

we did the one right in the middle

Prizegiving in Chamonix

Watch out for the Contest Highlights of FWT Chamonix 2011:

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