Thursday, 10 February 2011

FWQ 4* Hochfügen

Another time close to the podium... Beside the Freeride World Tour events, I decided to compete also in the 4*FWQ Hochfügen. The contest face is pretty sick, snow contitions were good, specially considering there is not as much snow in Europe as we would like to have...!!

The line I choose was a pretty tecnical and steep one. When I came to the narrow entry I was really suprised of what I saw, there were already so many rocks uncovered by a rider before me, so I could not ride the first part of my line as clean and fast as I wanted. Nevertheless the lower part was good and fast, ended up 4th place. Was a funny weekend!

steep part - high speed :)

exit of my line - pics by

Congrats to Emilien Badoux/ SUI and the other riders on the podium! Good level of riding, I`m sure we will see some of the riders soon in the FWT!!

Organization was perfect, thanks for the original "Tiroler Abend" the day before contest! I´m sure all the riders who have been up there enjoyed this nice dinner including traditional tyrolian music, schnaps etc.

Looking foreward to next year!

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