Tuesday, 19 March 2013

recovery just started

Unfortunately in the last FreerideWorldTour event, which took place in Fieberbrunn/ Austria, I had a bad crash and broke my ulna and radius bone. It was the double drop which ended up with a double broken bone ;)
But in addition I also have a small fracture of the pubic bone. Great combination crutches and a hand injury ... bääää


Without knowing that I have another injury than on my arm, I still thought to be able to ride carefully, but now it will definitely takes a few weeks. Nevertheless, if everthing heals fast and good, I keep the hope to climb and ride some lines on mountains at higher altitude later on in spring.

In the meantime Mitch created a really nice clip about a project that we did together 2 weeks ago. Praxmarerkarspitze is an epic mountain in the Karwendel range, but pretty difficult to access.

Praxmererkarspitze (2638m)
The first day we had to hike up to a hut and slept in the "winterraum". Even the descent early morning in the dark to the beginning of our route was incredible. Because of the full moon we could see quite well and on the opposite the shadow of our silhouette. It took us two attempts to go up, as the first try ended in a 70°+ ramp which would have been just too much having only one ice axe and cramons. Quickly we checked whether the food is enough to give it another try. So it was and on day 2 we finally we managed to summit and could ride our lines.


These are the days which simplify situations like injuries and will always stay in my head. Thanks Mitch and Bibi for the great time we shared together!

Some more impressioons about the event in Fieberbrunn...

event village

autograph session

BIB draw
on mountain rider meeting

spectators area @ lärchfilzkogel

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