Saturday, 19 October 2013

Splitboard "tool time"

We got the first snow in the alps, meaning motivation for winter comes to it`s peak!

As more and more people ask me about how a Splitboard works, here is an interesting link:

"Do it your self" link click here !!

Since I got in contact with Markus Reichard who made my first Splitboard years ago, I did quite a lot touring not wasting energy anymore. Different terrain - from steep and sometimes icy to mellow powder runs. Before I was used to hike in deep fresh powder with snowshoes and also tried similar stuff. I always felt good with my Splitboard and could 100% trust it. For sure, especially in exposed lines you should double-check Board, Bindings and Crampons.

Thanks Markus!

My Splitboard Set-up:

FLOW Solitude "Custom" 169cm
Universal Splitboard Kit
POM Slider
Voile Climbing Skins
Split hooks

whiteroom camping session ( Fotos c Haller Zlu)

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