Sunday, 23 March 2014

Cima Presanella, 3558m

20th of march - time to start alpine climbs, even if it`s still early in the season for that kind of touring. Snow level in the Adamello-Presanella alps is above average this year and we are exited to be here. When Björn, Raphi and I finally reached the winter shelter it got already dark, probably we spent too much time eating panini on the way here (and Raphi for sure was anonnoyed because the skinns didn`t adhere on his skis). 

Anyway, we started early the next morning  - still not sure about the conditions in the face. Getting closer to the "Bergschrund" we noticed that it`s probably quite firm and some parts icy. Wind hammered the whole mountain range - Bummer! We definitely prefer soft snow, but as long as it is possible we agree to ride or ski down. For sure this face needs some more snowfalls with warmer temperatures in order that the snow sticks better to the steep. Somehow weird as people already start biking etc. but we are happy that winter isn`t over yet. After a challenging descent in the upper part, we had to change again back to crampons to climb down about 15m of glacier ice. Not even 50° but enough that steep becomes steeper... We are sure considering the conditions the only possibility we have and a good practice anyway. 

Cima Presanella

"face shot" for Björn

overcome the Bergschrund

Some great turns lead us back to the hut, followed by spring snow all the way down to the car - more than 2300m vertical descent from the top. With weather coming in we decided to go back home instead of doing another hike the next day. 

Again panini time...

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