Thursday, 25 March 2010

FWT Verbier Xtreme # 2

2nd try Verbier Xtreme finals... and the Winner is: Xav De le Rue!! Congrats to the best Freeride Snowboarder and two times World Champion and of course also to Mitch Tölderer, who got 2nd overall!! BIG!!!
Overall 2010: 3. Matt Annetts, 1. Xavier De le Rue, 2. Mitch Tölderer

The Champions: Candide Thovex(Ski) and Xav(Board)

For me it didn`t go that good. With a strong and fast run in the upper part, where I had to deal with lot of sluff, I went this time for the so called "Hollywood" cliff. I droped the cliff to the side with a nice grap but probably I hid a rock seconds after the landing and made a frontflip straight after. F.......k! Back on track I finished my line but a good result was not possible anymore. Right after in the finish I was disappointed because I knew it was a good run but with that mistake no chance for the podium, 8th place. Next time!!

my line down the Bec des Rosses

good snow

Nicolas Halewoods - THE man who makes this all happen...!!

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