Monday, 22 March 2010

FWT Verbier Xtreme

On Saturday we tried to have the Final of the Freeride World Tour on the Bec the Rosse in Verbier, Switzerland. Due to bad weather coming in after some riders, competition was canceled. So we all enjoy the street flair here in Verbier with live music, good food and lot of people coming to watch.

Verbier Xtreme2010 - Team Austria ;)

BIB draw, all snowboarders

Tomorrow we expect blue sky, another chance to ride the Bec... I feel good with the line I did on Saturday, but I also know I can do it even better. With 20cm of fresh snow from yesterday I try to pimp my run with some more drops and go as fast as I can in the steep and between the rocks!!

middle of the face

lot of sluff... but I`m faster!!

Click here to watch my run:

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