Tuesday, 29 January 2013

FWT #2 Courmayeur/ ITA

After missing the first FreerideWorldTour event in Revelstoke, I had a good feeling about competing in Courmayeur, Italy. Right after face check on friday weather moved in and the contest was postponed till Tuesday. Not too bad, Courmayeur is a good place to stay and we got some nice turns during that waiting period.

espresso break with Stefan and McFly
This time snowboarders started after skiers, who are about 30 competitors. As the venue did not allow so many different options, I choose a line I felt comfortable with, even if there would be quite a few tracks before I start. It could ride pretty much as planed and finished 6th place with a solid run and not taking too much risk.

BIB draw, Courmayeur village

sunrise on contest day

Snowboard podium

Matt and me watching the skiers

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